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Designed for you

Specially tailored private classes, for you alone or with some pals. Limited weekly availability, with the option of one-offs.

Prices range from £30 - £50 and may incur an additional cost for travel. 

Image of Autumn trees by Sebastian Unrau

1:1 and Private Classes: Classes

"Last year I was at the REwind 80's festival watching people doing yoga with about as much interest as watching paint dry. This year I can't wait to take part. I am lucky enough to be able to share my wonderful yoga teacher with a friend so am able to get almost one on one instruction. Linda is a great teacher, so patient and with an innate ability to know how far to push us whilst allowing us to laugh with and sometimes at each other! Yoga is now my destresser, my relaxing time and more importantly a wonderful part of my life. My health and flexibility have both improved and, as someone who suffers from back issues yoga has allowed me to understand and address warning signs and alleviate them before they happen. My physio noticed the difference immediately and is seeing the longer term benefit. Thank you Linda, you are a star."

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by Tolga Ulkan

Image by Tolga Ulkan
1:1 and Private Classes: Welcome
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