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"I have attended Linda’s mini yoga retreats and her online classes during the COVID 19 outbreak. I can’t recommend Linda highly enough as a yoga teacher.

Linda works within the seasonal Yoga system, which matches the energy of the seasons to her practice. Everyone is welcomed to her classes individually and by name.

Linda is a warm, calming presence which is perfect for yoga, and even when taking you through challenging poses, she will always remind you that although feelings of intensity are OK, pain is not. I have found myself more able to ‘let go’ of emotion and baggage in her classes than anywhere else, including one-to-one therapy.

Relaxation is always part of her practice, and everyone is encouraged to make sure they are warm and cosy: at yoga retreats you are actually tucked into your blankets, which made me cry! There’s something about how Linda talks that takes you into a completely relaxed state, even in a short time at the end of a half hour session. I will always step off my mat feeling emotionally lighter, physically stronger, and spiritually fulfilled."

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Lovely words from lovely people

I go to a morning class with Linda and it completely sets me up for the day. You cannot fail to leave a class feeling relaxed and with a big grin on your face. We often feel like clapping at the end of the class it’s so good! She is wonderfully passionate about teaching yoga whilst being incredibly patient with her students. You can tell she has a structure in mind for each class but she is also very responsive to what we bring each week, integrating this seamlessly. Each class flows beautifully and with confidence. I’ve done a reasonable amount of yoga on and off in the past and in the very first class with Linda I learned something new which has transformed my practice! The seasonal element is new to me and gives each term a fresh focus which I am really enjoying. Carve some time out for yourself and give it a go - I promise you will not regret it.


I’m so fortunate to have come across Linda a year ago when I was looking for a teacher in training to host a small (but perfectly formed!) yoga class in my newly converted yoga studio. I’ve now come across a range of good yoga teachers but I can honestly say that Linda really is special. Even when she was in training, she stood out to me as a natural yoga teacher who had been doing it for years! Committed, encouraging, inspiring, calming, knowledgeable on all the theory, bendy by example, down to earth and generally lovely. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their teacher.

Claire, Yoga Loft

I love our yoga class where Linda makes us all feel at ease! She has a natural style and is really connected to what she does and who she teaches and that’s a real gift. I’ve been to a couple of other classes and just not got into it but Linda has been brilliant and I’m so grateful our paths crossed! Highly recommend!


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I love my classes with Linda. She has such a warm, natural style that puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Her classes are relaxing but she gently challenges you to get the most from each class. I look forward to my weekly session and have booked into her workshops later in the year - can’t wait!


I have been extremely fortunate to have had Linda as my yoga teacher. Linda brings a beautiful calmness to our classes and is very encouraging. Her positivity is infectious and I’m certain that if it wasn’t for Linda’s encouragement I wouldn’t have discovered a love of yoga and felt motivated to continue and develop my practice. I have also had the pleasure of attending Linda’s yoga retreats which are a delight and have left these feeling recharged, mellow and like I’m floating on a cloud. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda to a friend. Each week I look forward to Linda’s class.


As a complete newbie to Yoga Linda completely put me at ease. She has a very calming manner and takes time to explain what we are doing and why we are doing it which is perfect when you are learning yoga.
I love our weekly classes and can really see the progress I’ve made under Linda’s excellent guidance.
The hour flies by as Linda makes the classes enjoyable and fun so you don’t realise how hard you have been working.
I can’t recommend Linda enough. She is an excellent teacher and all round amazing person.


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"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the retreat. Unlike other yoga classes, I actually really felt like I had experienced a whole body and mind getaway; it was less of a class and more of a huge treat. At the same time, I loved learning about yin yoga. Having never done that before, it was really good to expand my yoga experience and knowledge under the supervision of such generous and skilled teachers. The extra touches and attention to detail like candles, the focus on light, refreshing smoothies and the way the two teachers worked together meant that it was really a memorable and special experience. Can't wait for the next one."


Last year I was at the REwind 80's festival watching people doing yoga with about as much interest as watching paint dry. This year I can't wait to take part. I am lucky enough to be able to share my wonderful yoga teacher with a friend so am able to get almost one on one instruction. Linda is a great teacher, so patient and with an innate ability to know how far to push us whilst allowing us to laugh with and sometimes at each other! Yoga is now my destresser, my relaxing time and more importantly a wonderful part of my life. My health and flexibility have both improved and, as someone who suffers from back issues yoga has allowed me to understand and address warning signs and alleviate them before they happen. My physio noticed the difference immediately and is seeing the longer term benefit. Thank you Linda, you are a star.


Linda’s classes are so good for stretching and relaxing. I’m fairly new to yoga and really love the explanations that Linda gives for the benefits of each pose. She’s a patient and enthusiastic teacher and manages students of varying abilities within the same class by giving modifications if needed. I leave the class each week feeling floaty and relaxed. Just wonderful.


Testimonials: Testimonials
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